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At Futures Publications we are looking do develop our list of titles with the help of new authors. Our interest areas are wide ranging, but are essentially non-fiction: local history; design history; history of science and computing; new ideas in science and artificial intelligence; personal histories; or any combination of these.

Our publishing approach is very simple: all our authors are offered the same contract, which is essentially that proposed by the Society of Authors. Initial print runs are around 100, 200 or 250 copies and, through our partnership with Tandem Press (, we ensure that titles are always available in print.

If you have written a book, or are in the process of doing so, and wish to find out if Futures Publications would be interested in publishing it, please click here, select the "New Author" option for the subject of the message, and send us a brief description of your book. Your email is important as the initial exchange between Futures Publications and author is carried out by email.

If the subject material of your book is considered suitable for Futures Publications, your manuscript will be solicited. We do not accept, nor have the resources to deal with, unsolicited manuscripts.

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Book Trade

Trade orders can be placed using the Nielsen BookNet ordering service,

If you are a trade client or bookshop buyer and wish to place a direct order, please please click here, and select the "Book Trade" option. We will then contact you to set up the order.

Please also use this for updates on delivery status of orders.

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